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ACANTHACEAE - Acanthus family (14 species)

Barleria elegans - White Bushveld Barleria

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The most common Barleria species on Raptor's View. Up to 40 Barleria species have been recorded in Kruger National Park. White flowers. (JR)

Barleria lancifolia - Butterfly Barleria

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A perennial with lanceolate to ovate leaves, flowering in late summer, February to June. Flower colours from dark mauve (purple) to white. (JR)

Blepharis subvolubilis - Eyelash flower

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With its sharp , hard spines, it is well described as a "touch-me-not" shrub by Jo Onderstall in her Sappi Wild Flower Guide Mpumulanga & Northern Province. Blue flowers. (DS)

Crabbea nana

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White flowers. According to Warren McCleland, Janine's pic is likely C. nana, a true Lowveld species that tends to have narrower leaves than in this photo. The similar C. hirsuta is a more typical foothills species that has broader leaves, so that would be the other option. (JR)

Crabbea velutina

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This perennial herb is fairly common throughout Africa. It has white flowers with a yellow centre, borne amongst large leaf-like bracts with spiny margins. (JR)

Dyschoriste rogersii - Bushveld Ribbon Flower

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This is actually a small shrub, but for ease of reference placed in Wildflowers among the other Acanthaceae. Flower colour is very variable, but on Raptor's View they seem to be purple. (JR)

Hypoestes forskaolii - White Ribbon Bush

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Also occurs in riverine habitat along Sandspruit, for example below the Osprey Dam wall. White and purple flowers, flowering up to May/June. (JR)

Justicia bracteata (=Monechma bracteatum)

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Global Acanthaceae guru Iain Darbyshire has classified these as Justicia as recently as in a 2019 paper. Further taxomic work may put this white and purple flowered species back in Monechma.. (JR)

Justicia flava - Shrimp Plant

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One of the most common flowering plants in the estate, with the yellow flowers visible throughout spring and summer a few weeks after rains. (JR)

Justicia odora - Bushveld Justicia

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Shrub or perennial herb up to 1.2 m. with yellow flowers. It grows in full sun on hills in stony soils. (JR)

Rhinacanthus xerophilus

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Common in the estate, resembling a Justicia with white flowers. In South Africa only occurring in Limpopo and Mpumalanga and not often depicted in field guides. (JR)

Ruellia malacophylla

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This purple-flowered species is restricted to Southern Africa. Ruellias are also known as wild petunias, but they are not very closely related to the actual petunias. (JR)

Ruellia patula

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A distinct perennial herb with white (sometimes purple) flowers and a wide distribution through Africa and all the way to India. (JR)

Ruellia prostrata

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Purple-flowered perennial herb, up to 50 cm tall, sometimes scrambling and taller, distribution reaches into Asia. (JR)

Thunbergia neglecta

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Grows in shady areas near drainage lines and under thick vegetation..White flowers. (JR)

AMARANTHACEAE - Amaranth family (6 species)

Achyranthes aspera - Devil's Horsewhip

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White flowers. An invasive species widely distributed throughout the world. (JR)

Cyathula lanceolata - Stekelbossie

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White flowers. Prostrate and sprawling or sub-erect and bushy, much-branched perennial herb. (JR)

Gomphrena celosioides - Bachelor's Button

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Prolific in disturbed areas near the gate. White flowers. It comes from South America, but has spread as a weed throughout the tropics and subtropics. (JR)

Hermbstaedtia odorata var. odorata - Katstert

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A slender grass-like shrublet with a tuberous rootstock. Leaves gradually reduce up the stem. The white flowers, tinged with red, appear in late summer. (JR)

Kyphocarpa angustifolia - Silky Burweed

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Dense white or pinkish prickly flowers, the axis woolly. In sandy soils, in open woodland, grassland and degraded areas. (JR)

Pupalia lappacea - Forest Burr

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A variable plant, which is widespread in Africa and beyond, considered a weed in its native area as the burrs stick to animals and easily disperse. Flowers are white/green. (JR)

AMARYLLIDACEAE - Amaryllis family (4 species)

Ammocharis coranica - Sore eye flower

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Pink-flowered bulb has sweetly scented flowers that smell stronger at night and attracts night-flying moths, which serve as pollinators. (JR)

Boophone disticha - Bushman Poison Bulb

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The large round sweetly scented pink flowerheads attract bees and flies, which pollinate the flowers. The plants also receive visits from ants. (JR)

Crinum stuhlmannii subsp. delagoense - Candy-striped Crinum

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Until recently known as C. delagoense or C. forbesii, a distinct species with pink and white flowers. (JR)

Haemanthus humilis subsp. hirsutus - Rabbit's Ear

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Flowering, in pink or white, takes place any time from September to March. (JR)

APOCYNACEAE - Dogbane family (5 species)

Pergularia daemia subsp. daemia - Trellis Vine

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African Monarch butterfly larvae feed on this perennial vine. It occurs from South Africa all the way to Sri Lanka and has many useful medical applications. Red-yellow flowers,.(JR)

Schizoglossum garcianum

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Grassy plant with gree-white star-shaped flowers.. Occurs mostly in the extreme eastern part of the country, from Limpopo down to KZN. (JR)

Stapelia gettliffei

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Succulent perennial with typical red-and-yellow flowers. Grows in low-lying, shady areas. Occurs from northern SA and further north. (JR)

Stapelia gigantea - Giant Carrion Flower

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The red-and-yellow flowers are the largest in this genus. The common name refers to the rotten meat smell, which attracts pollinators like flies. (JR)

Tavaresia barklyi - Devil's Trumpet

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A special and unusual , yellow-and-red flowers, rare and protected in Limpopo. (DS)

ARACEAE - Arum family (1 species)

Stylochaeton natalensis - Bushveld Arum

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Perennial herb, growing from a vertical, underground rhizome. Very short-lived, flowers apparently opening at night. (JR)

ASPARAGACEAE (3 species)

Asparagus buchananii

Chlorophytum sp.

Sansevieria hyacinthoides - Mother-in-law's Tongue


Aloe ammophila

Aloe chabaudii

Aloe cryptopoda

Trachyandra saltii var. saltii

ASTERACEAE - Daisy family (17 species)

Acanthospermum hispidum - Upright Starbur

Ageratum conyzoides -Invading Ageratum

Aspilia mossambicensis - Wild Sunflower

Bidens bipinatta - Spanish Blackjack

Eclipta prostrata - False Daisy

Flaveria bidentis - Smelter's Bush

Geigeria burkei subsp. burkei

Helichrysum candolleanum

Hirpicium bechuanense - Botswana Marigold

Kleinia longiflora

Kleinia stapeliiformis

Litogyne gariepina

Sphaeranthus peduncularis subsp. peduncularis - Purple pan-weed

Sphagneticola trilobata - Singapore Daisy

Tagetes minuta - Khaki Weed

Vernonia fastigiata - Narrow-leaved Vernonia

Zinnia peruviana - Redstar Zinnia

BORAGINACEAE - Forget-me-not family (5 species)

Heliotropium ciliatum - Kalahari String-of-stars

Heliotropium ovalifolium - Riverbank Heliotropium

Heliotropium steudneri - Common String-of-stars

Heliotropium strigosum - One Star Heliotropium

Trichodesma zeylanicum - Late Weed

CAPPARACEAE - Caper family (1 species)

Cleome monophylla - Spindle Pod

COLCHICACEAE (1 species)

Gloriosa superba - Flame Lily

COMMELINACEAE - Dayflower family (4 species)

Aneilema hockii

Commelina africana - African Yellow Dayflower

Commelina benghalensis - Wandering Jew

Commelina erecta - Blue Commelina

CONVOLVULACEAE - Morning Glory family (9 species)

Distimake kentrocaulos - Roughstem Merremia

Evolvulus alsinoides var. alsinoides - Blue Haze

Ipomoea bolusiana - Narrow-leaved Ipomoea

Ipomoea dichroa

Ipomoea magnusiana - Small Pink Morning Glory

Ipomoea obscura - Wild Petunia

Ipomoea sinensis subsp. blepharosepala - Purple-throated Ipomoea

Seddera capensis - Small White Seddera

Xenostegia tridentata subsp. angustifolia - Miniature Morning Glory

CRASSULACEAE - Stonecrop family (2 species)

Kalanchoe brachyloba - Short-lobed Kalanchoe

Kalanchoe paniculata - Yellow Kalanchoe

CUCURBITACEAE - Cucurbits (2 species)

Coccinia rehmannii - Wild Cucumber

Momordica boivinii

EUPHORBIACEAE - Spurge family (5 species)

Acalypha indica var. indica - Indian Girl

Euphorbia neopolycnemoides

Jatropha zeyheri

Tragia dioica - Brandnekel

Tragia okanyua

FABACEAE - Legume family (7 species)

Crotalaria monteiroi var. monteiroi - Small-leaved Rattle-pod

Crotalaria podocarpa or C. damarensis

Indigastrum costatum subsp. macrum - False Indigo

Indigofera heterotricha - Hairy Indigo

Rhynchosia totta var. totta - Yellow Carpet Bean

Tephrosia purpurea - Wild Indigo

Vigna cf. unguiculata - Wild Cow Pea

GERANIACEAE (2 species)

Monsonia burkeana - Crane's Bill

Monsonia glauca - Dysentery Herb

GISEKIACEAE (1 species)

Gisekia africana var. africana


Dipcadi marlothii

Drimia altissima - Tall White Squill

Drimia macrantha

Drimia sanguinea

Drimiopsis atropurpurea

Ledebouria inquinata

Ornithogalum seineri - Bushveld Chincherinchee

Ornithogalum tenuifolium

IRIDACEAE - Iris family (1 species)

Afrosolen masukuensis

LAMIACEAE - Mint family (12 species)

Clerodendrum ternatum - Tinderwood

Endostemon tereticaulis - Small Purple Keepsakes

Hoslundia opposita - Orange Bird-berry

Leucas glabrata var. glabrata

Leucas sexdentata - Bushveld Tumbleweed

Ocimum americanum - Transvaal Basil

Ocimum filamentosum - Purple Wild Basil

Ocimum gratissimum - African basil

Orthosiphon suffrutescens - Shell Bush

Plectranthus tetensis

Syncolostemon bracteosus

Syncolostemon elliottii


Sphedamnocarpus pruriens - Canary Nettle

MALVACEAE - Mallows (14 species)

Abutilon austro-africanum

Corchorus asplenifolius - Wild Jute

Hermannia glanduligera - Sticky Bell-flower

Hermannia modesta - Fairy Lights

Hibiscus micranthus var. micranthus - Tiny White Wild Hibiscus

Hibiscus praeteritus

Hibiscus pusillus -Bladderweed

Hibiscus sidiformis

Hibiscus upingtoniae

Hibiscus vitifolius

Melhania acuminata

Melhania prostrata

Pavonia burchellii - Dainty Pavonia

Sida dregei - Spider-leg

Waltheria indica - Sleepy Morning


Corbichonia decumbens - Sierkooltjie

Limeum dinteri

Limeum fenestratum

Limeum viscosum

Mollugo nudicaulis - White Star Mollugo

NYCTAGINACEAE - Four o'clock family (1 species)

Commicarpus helenae

ORCHIDACEAE - Orchid family (1 species)

Ansellia africana - Leopard Orchid

PAPAVERACEAE - Poppy family (1 species)

Argemone ochroleuca subsp. ochroleuca - White Mexican Poppy

PEDALIACEAE - Sesame family (4 species)

Ceratotheca triloba - Wild Foxglove

Dicerocaryum senecioides - Devil's Claw

Harpogophytum zeyheri subsp. zeyheri - Devil's Claw

Pterodiscus cinnabarinus - Red Sandkambroo

Sesamum alatum - Wing-seeded Sesame

POLYGALACEAE - Milkwort family (1 species)

Polygala sphenoptera

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Shrubby annual or perennial herb, up to 60(100) cm tall. Flowers pink to purple with wing sepals more or less yellowish, with purple margin. (JR)

PORTULACACEAE - Purslane family (2 species)

Portulaca kermsesina

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A species of sandy soils in hot and dry deciduous woodland and on the margins of pans. Flowers prink to carmine red. (JR)

Portulaca quadrifida - Chicken Weed

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Widespread in the world, edible and popular with pigs and chickens. Known as pusley, wild purslane, single‑flowered purslane, small‑leaved purslane and 10 o'clock plant(. JR)

RUBIACEAE - Coffee family (2 species)

Kohautia caespitosa - Bushveld Trembletop

Oldenlandia herbacea var. herbacea

SCROPHULARIACEAE - Figwort family (1 species)

Aptosimum lineare var. lineare

SOLANACEAE - Nightshades (3 species)

Datura ferox - Large Thorn Apple

Solanum campylacanthum subsp. panduriforme - Bitter Apple

Solanum catombelense

TALINACEAE (1 species)

Talinum caffrum - Porcupine Root


Lasiosiphon rubescens - Ruby 'Gnidia'

TURNERACEAE (2 species)

Tricliceras glanduliferum - Yellow Lion's Eye

Tricliceras laceratum - Lion's Eye

VAHLIACEAE (1 species)

Vahlia capensis subsp. vulgaris var. linearis

VERBENACEAE - Verbena family (2 species)

Chascanum pinnatifidum var. racemosum - Dainty Trumpets

Lantana rugosa - Bird's Brandy

ZYGOPHYLLACEAE - Caltrop family (1 species)

Tribulus terrestris - Devil's Thorn