This website contains photos of wildflowers, trees & shrubs and grasses & sedges of Raptor's View Wildlife Estate in Hoedspruit, Limpopo, South Africa. All photos were taken on the estate by residents and visitors and were uploaded on the Flora of Raptor's View Facebook group. A comprehensive list, statistics and links to all original Facebook post is available in this spreadsheet.

Species identification has been provided by the uploader or was discussed on the Facebook group. Great thanks goes to Duncan McKenzie and Warren McCleland for their assistance with identifying many tricky species. Andrew Hankey, Bart Wursten and various iNaturalist experts like Clare Archer, Iain Darbyshire, Phil White, Norman Douglas and Troos van der Merwe also provided valuable input.

Photos have been submitted by Joël Roerig (FB group admin), David and Bernie Spencer, Derek Solomon (FB group admin), Brenden Pienaar (FB group admin), David Berry, Byron Wright, Helene Loon, Anthony de Boer, Christopher Hines, Elize Oosthuizen, Cheryl Morrison, Mirjam Logjes Elbertse, Janine Scorer, Mike Whatmore, Ken Farnsworth, Wayne te Brake, Mike Rex, Heidel Hiestermann, David Fitzhugh, Tansy McLean, Steve Benbow, Josh Whyte and Dirk Redecker.

The following titles have proven extremely helpful for identification:

  • Trees and Shrubs of Mpumalanga and Kruger National Park by Ernst Schmidt, Mervyn Lötter and Warren McCleland

  • Wild Flowers Of The Limpopo Valley by Retha van der Walt

  • A Field Guide to Wild Flowers Kwazulu Natal and the Eastern Region by Elsa Pooley

  • Wildflowers, Waterplants & Grasses of the Okavango Delta and Kalahari by Veronica Roodt

  • Flora of Zimbabwe ( by Mark Hyde, Bart Wursten, Petra Ballings and Meg Coates Palgrave

  • ( by the South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI)

  • MALVACEAE in “The Hoed” and Surrounds by Lynne Stone

IMPORTANT NOTE: This website is a work in progress. Residents and visitors to Raptor's View are encouraged to submit photos of trees, shrubs, plants and grasses taken on the estate to the Flora of Raptor's View Facebook group. It is not essential to know what species it is.

MISTAKES: If you see a species on this website that might be misidentified, please write a post on the Facebook group or contact Joël Roerig by email.